Dental Technology

Dr. Hammons provides the latest technological advances and equipment to ensure patient satisfaction. Better tech means improved health and greater comfort for our patients. Your enjoyable dental experience relies on your comfort and safety, and we hope to increase those factors with our dental technology.

Let’s optimize precision in every procedure. Now, we offer more accurate diagnoses to guarantee more effective treatment. We feel confident in our ability to give you the results you want and deserve!

CEREC Dental Crowns in a Day

CEREC is a dental crown system that allows us to fabricate and place your all-ceramic restorations in a single visit.

In the past, the dental crown process was lengthy. Patients had to come in for 2-3 appointments, undergo messy impressions, and wear uncomfortable temporary crowns. Today, CEREC technology:

  • Uses a mess-free digital impression of your teeth
  • Allows Dr. Hammons to create a customized porcelain crown for your tooth
  • Creates your dental crown on-site with world-class materials
  • Completes your beautiful smile in a single appointment

You have people to see and things to do.┬áThat’s why we offer a better way to achieve a beautiful smile with CEREC single-day crowns.

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiography is far safer than the x-rays of the past. Radiation exposure can be dangerous, so we have eliminated that exposure by up to 90%. Not only do digital x-rays promise safety, but also speed and convenience.

You probably remember the times you spent waiting for your x-ray film to be developed. Your time in the dental chair may have become a little too long while you anxiously waited for news about your oral health. With digital x-rays, your results appear instantaneously on a chairside computer screen where you and Dr. Hammons can discuss the images together.

Cone Beam Scanner

If you need a restorative procedure, we want to create a flawless blueprint for your treatment. Our cone beam scanner allows us to take a deep and comprehensive look at the oral structures of the mouth. The cone beam scanner produces clear, three-dimensional images that allow us to explore the:

  • Teeth
  • Nerves
  • Soft Tissues
  • Bone

Cone beam treatment planning is especially useful in dental implant placement.

We Believe Dentistry Should be Enjoyable!

We do all we can to provide the ultimate patient experience! To schedule your appointment with our high-tech dentist, contact Hammons Family Dental today!