General & Family Dentistry

Dr. Hammons and his team enjoy giving Austin patients dental care that improves their quality-of-life. We love creating a welcoming environment that can accommodate families and provide meaningful preventative care. From dental cleanings to periodontal treatment, we offer all services in the comfort of our office complete with patient amenities.

Worry-Free Dentistry for Patients of All Ages

Now, you can bring your children and your parents to the same dentist you see yourself! We take care of patients of all ages. We understand that establishing trust with our patients is important, and we are familiar with how to make appointments comfortable for adults and children alike.

When you find a great dentist, it is optimal to bring your child to them from infancy through adulthood. We customize each patient encounter based on their individual needs and concerns. We take their stage of development into account and only recommend care that will be beneficial to them for a lifetime.

We hope you and your loved ones will find our office relaxing. Our professionals get to know our patients and do everything they can to ensure a great dental experience. We always:

  • Give the patient the attention and time they need
  • Update patients about all aspects of their oral health
  • Use a conservative and gentle approach
  • Only recommend treatments that we are confident will help the patient in the long run
  • Help young patients establish healthy at-home habits to preserve their smiles
  • Use preventive measures to protect your smile for the years to come
  • Make patients feel welcomed and happy
  • Answer your questions and educate you

Quality Comprehensive Care

At some point in our lives, we all need varying levels of dental treatments. We cater to all different oral health needs right here at Hammons Family Dental. Our experts can treat gum inflammation, repair a weakened tooth, or replace lost teeth with natural-looking substitutes.

Whether your needs are health or beauty-related, Dr. Hammons is on your side. We take a genuine interest in each and every patient, fully analyzing their past health history along with their concerns and goals.

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Come find out more about our family dental office. To schedule an appointment, contact Hammons Family Dental today. We look forward to meeting with you!