Emergency Dentistry

Even patients who take care of their smiles may experience a dental emergency at some point in their lives. Dental emergencies are unpredictable and sometimes unpreventable.

If you need emergency dental care, call Hammons Family Dental. We invite you to our office for prompt attention and superior emergency care. We tend to the dental emergencies of patients of all ages and treat all kinds of dental trauma.

Don’t compromise quality for accessibility. Dr. Hammons makes it a priority to offer special emergency appointments that extend beyond normal office hours.

Immediate Care for Dental Emergencies

Dr. Hammons is happy to see same-day patients for emergency dentistry. We are also pleased to offer on-call dentistry! Our caring experts come in after-hours to address your emergency dental needs.

Some of the dental emergencies we see include:

Chipped teeth. There are plenty of ways to chip a tooth. Whatever the cause, we can quickly fill the chip to restore the appearance of your smile while also protecting it from deep decay, cracking, and other problems.

Avulsed (Knocked-Out) teeth. When an adult tooth is knocked out, urgent treatment is critical. Contact us right away and place the tooth back in its socket if possible.

Tooth pain. Severe tooth pain should be addressed by your dental professional. A toothache may be a symptom of deep decay or infection.

If you are experiencing these dental emergencies or any other dental emergency, call us right away. We would be happy to help.

Long-Lasting Restorative Solutions

There are many ways we can repair a damaged tooth. We may offer:

  • Dental Veneers
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Composite Fillings
  • Dental Bridges

Of course, your treatment will depend entirely on your needs and preferences. We always use state-of-the-art methods and quality materials to guarantee great results.

Your Needs Come First

You can’t predict when you will need emergency dental care. We are on-call and here for you at any time. If you believe you are experiencing a dental emergency, call our dental office right away.